Krumbly's Kitchen

What Is A Krumbly?

The Krumbly is a simple and delicious sandwich featuring steamed and specially seasoned ground beef krumbles on a classic bun. These have been popular with our family since 1942 and we are excited for the opportunity to serve it to you and yours!

Chef Krumbly’s signature menu item is The Original Krumbly which is dressed with mustard, pickle and onion but there are several other varieties of toppings and condiment combinations available including The BBQ Krumbly, The Aloha Krumbly, The Ranch Krumbly and The Krumbly Your Way for those who want a totally customized sandwich option.

Krumbly’s Kitchen also features a variety of side items, appetizers and dessert options for a complete dining experience! For the specific menu options in the Tulsa area, the current location of the mobile kitchen return to the Tulsa website. And at any point if you have any questions feel free to email us and ask!